Service provider
Attorneys-at-Law Svahn Ltd (”AS”)
Address: Äyritie 16, 01510 Vantaa, Finland
Phone (office): +358 40 767 4877
Business ID: 2442730-8
VAT ID: FI24427308

All Agreements have one responsible attorney or lawyer chosen by the client. We may designate other experts to assist on the case.

Payment Terms
All services rendered in English require payment in advance as a prerequisite for the delivery of the service unless otherwise agreed. If, for any reason, the order is cancelled, the prepaid payment will be returned in full within 15 days to the customer’s bank account or card.

Fees for other services rendered are invoiced on a monthly basis. Payment is due 14 days from the date of the invoice.

An additional fee of +20% is applied if the Agreement or task (i) is particularly laborious, urgent and / or performed outside regular working hours for reasons beyond the control of AS, or (ii) is exceptionally difficult or (iii) requires special expertise, experience and / or professional skills.

Unless otherwise agreed, the Client shall bear, in addition to the fee, the costs incurred in the performance of the Agreement, such as document fees, telephone, postal and copying costs, travel expenses incurred and any fees charged by third parties.

If a fixed fee has been agreed for the Agreement or some tasks and new information affecting the workload becomes available after the cost estimate is made, the additional work will be charged on an hourly basis, unless otherwise agreed.

The interest for late payment shall be determined in accordance with the law. The fee for late payment is five (5) euros per reminder invoice. AS is also entitled to charge the costs and expenses incurred in the recovery of any overdue claims. If payment is not made in time, the law and the Code of Conduct of the Finnish Bar Association entitle us to terminate the Agreement.

Foreign jurisdiction
We provide legal advice based on Finnish law and only in relation to the Agreement at hand. We do not provide advice on the content of a foreign jurisdiction unless confirmed by a law firm from that jurisdiction.

Termination of the Agreement
The Agreement is in force until the completion of the agreed tasks.

The Client has the right to terminate the Agreement with AS at any time. Termination must be in writing.

AS has the right to terminate the Agreement if the Client, even after notice, has (i) substantially disagreed with the manner in which the Agreement should be performed, (ii) acted in violation of AS’s advice, (iii) neglected or refused to contribute, (iv) behaved improperly or (v) fails to pay the required advance or invoice; or (vi) substantially alters or increases the content or scope of the Agreement. AS is also entitled to terminate the Agreement if the Client requests unlawful action and, despite the notice, continues to do so. AS shall promptly notify its Client of the termination and the reason for this.

The Client is always responsible for the costs and fees incurred until the time of termination.

AS will return the original documents to the Client at the end of the Agreement.

AS is supervised by the Finnish Bar Association. The Client shall have the right to submit any dispute arising out of or relating to the Agreement or the amount of the Fee to either the Supervisory Board of the Finnish Bar Association or the District Court of the Client’s domicile. If the Client is not domiciled in Finland, disputes can be settled in the district court of AS’s domicile.

These terms and conditions and Agreement are governed by the laws of Finland.

Finnish Bar Association, PO Box 194, 00101 Helsinki, Finland.
Tel: +359-9-6866 120.